Episode 13


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Episode 13
12:00 Noon – 1:00 P.M.
26 February 2002

Jack Bauer has a final confrontation with Ira Gaines. Gaines and Kevin Carroll are shocked when the red van is suddenly up in flames. In fury, Gaines stands up and grabs his sniper rife while Jack and Rick run to escape. Meanwhile, David Palmer plans to talk to the Defense Attorney about the murder of Dr. George Ferragamo. Carl Webb then changes his mind before he could do so. Back at the CTU, Nina Myers is surprised to discover that there is another assassin who has arrived in LA to put David Palmer out of the picture forever.

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Reality or Paranoia – the fight against Terror

Many say that the threat of terrorism has long passed, others say the threats are still there. The news and other branches of media say the threat is still there and government agencies say we can never be too careful. The paranoia that fuels the debate continues to haunt us of that day in 2001 when the war on terror took on a new light.

Is the threat real? It sure is but how much you may want it to have an influence on your life is up to you.

Jack Bauer, our lone hero in the series continues to amaze us with his abilities to fight insurmountable odds (though reality can be so much less exciting). Maybe its part of the human psyche to be afraid and to survive, and the series fills in part of that need without the danger. Maybe it’s all inside us, a part of Agent Bauer that tells him to forge on. The last series (Series 8) aired last 2010. Keep on checking back for summaries and opinion on one of the most followed TV series in the US and maybe the world.

Is it Possible to Watch Cable Digital TV on Your PC?

Cable digital TV on your pc is the smart way out to the old styled analog cable, which is gradually loosing the importance amongst the home entertainment front. Many of the cable providers have even have matured the connections and replaced them with digital cables altogether. Cable digital TV is the cheap and most effective entertainment option to explore today. It is highly interactive and completely digital. Therefore, what you get is clarity of sound and picture, within price range. Isn’t this sound great? With digital TV installed on your pc, you can watch the more channels, more programs and ultimately more of entertainment. You have no analog hindrances. All you’ll experience is the digital fun world 24/7.

What makes the Cable digital TV on your pc a complete value for your money is the digital data. The digital cable as compared to analog cable has the capability to send compressed digital data in bits via cable Internet connection for the TV signals. Cable digital TV enables the user to incorporate more channels due to enormous space available. Besides, there is wide scope for interactive services, and as the result, the user can send and receive the data both ways through the line. Cable digital TV enables all these features just for few dollars and you don’t even need to install some extra peripheral device. The best part is that you will have the enormous choice to make and that too with clear transmission all the time.

Cable digital TV on your pc can be installed effortlessly and it starts functioning seamlessly with in minutes of its installation. Old episodes of TV series, pay-per-view films classic songs, oldie and goodie movies, besides many other genre of children and adult entertainment programs are available for easy downloads and watch any time. What’s more, you will have the access to cartoon pictures, multi lingual programs, besides other infotainment opportunities.

Watch Favorite Television Series in One Go With Satellite Broadband

Nearly everybody likes to watch television every once and a while. Whether it’s to get the weather or news, for educational purposes, to see some music videos, or for the sheer storytelling entertainment, sometimes it’s nice to watch television. What many people discover however is that the suspense and gaps in the storytelling of many of their favorite series from week to week in not necessarily a pleasant experience. Once a person gets hooked on a series, he or she is likely to spend many hours not only watching, but thinking about, pondering, and researching the program while waiting for the answers as to what will happen. Excellent examples include mega-series like Lost and 24. For some, it is preferable to just wait around until all of the latest episodes have aired to watch them all at once, thereby sparing some of the torturous downtime between weekly episodes.

In order to accomplish this feat, it is necessary to remove oneself from any situation in which friends, colleagues or passersby might inadvertently spill the beans about what is going on in the series. If you find yourself in a situation where any one of these situations is unavoidable, it might be better to just watch the episodes as they come out so you can at least get some of the surprise and suspense. It will also be imperative to be able to download the episodes if you want the “avoidance” technique to work. This way, you’ll have them all ready and waiting for you at the end of the season. If you don’t have high speed internet already, you might want to look into signing up for a DSL, cable, or satellite internet broadband subscription ASAP. Lastly, you will need patience; the kind of Zen, eternal calm, infuriating patience that certainly does not pertain to the vast majority of pop culture fanatics. If you can somehow manage to create this perfect set of conditions, you may just have a shot of being able to watch your entire series in one go.

Of course, when it comes time to actually view the series, you’ll have to set aside a block of time in which to watch all the episodes. With many series stretching between 10 and 20 episodes, this means basically devoting an entire weekend block of time to the series if you plan on eating, sleeping, or leaving the room. Ideally this block of time will be scheduled immediately before the finale airs so you can at least see the ending in real time. Going to all that trouble only to inadvertently find out the ending really would be a shame. This will mean turning off your cell phone, shutting down the satellite internet and television, and going into your own private cave for a few days. It may help to use the buddy system, and get one of your pals to go through the experience with you.

When you’ve got high speed internet, like satellite broadband, there’s no need to wait around suffering wishing you could just get individual episodes of your favorite series. It’s even possible to live stream shows right to your computer when you’ve got a broadband connection! See how the internet is improving TV today with satellite internet.

Terrorism and TV Shows

Since the word terrorism was highlighted by the attacks on the US, the world has never been the same. Shows like 24, have flourished with action filled episodes that seem to show us a side of the fight against this hidden terror that not many get to see. Though manufactured in Hollywood, the ideas and concepts can partially be called truth(with staunch objection from intelligence agencies of course).

Most people call them terrorists some call them martyrs, but whichever side you may be on the thrills of these characters never seems to amaze us as we continue to watch these shows with such fervor we simply can’t get enough.

The show revolves around the 24 hour time period divided into hours per segment making the show last a whole season for a mere 24 hours. It has been quite sometime since the show started yet followers of the show continue to grow. The last season (Season 8), revolves around another set of enemies against the state and it’s members with our hero Jack Bauer again there to save the day.

Heroic Hotel Infiltration!

Being a federal agent in the service of your country like Jack Bauer is no joke. It will put you in dire situations, and test your might and mettle in the most unexpected ways. Jumping out of an exploding vehicle? Tapping into a triple-lock security system? Subduing a power-crazed and blood-thirsty terrorist with only your wits and words? That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes, the job will also entail infiltrating certain places and leaving without leaving traces of evidence. Stealth is the watchword, and the terrorists know that you will be tracking their every movement. They will most likely close their illegal deals in public places – airports, train stations, hotels – with lots of innocent bystanders you will be reluctant to put in harm’s way. How do you apprehend these criminals?

One way to go about it is by infiltrating the hotel itself. Modern hotels are now following a “green hotel” trend by making their systems more sustainable and environment friendly. These innovations could give infiltrator agents new ideas to apprehend terrorists and get the job done.

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How To Watch Cable TV Online

For Cable Internet TV, a dedicated website receives the cable transmission from the broadcasting center and then uploads the data to a web server. Anyone who accesses the website will be able to watch any cable video content coming from the broadcast center going to the web server.

With advances in computing and Internet technology, watching your favorite TV shows, or movies anywhere in the world where there is an available PC with an Internet connection is now a reality.

Aside from watching cable TV online via a cable broadcasting website, there are other methods by which you can view cable on your PC.

Cable TV is streamed to a PC in 3 ways:

1. Online Cable broadcast

This is Cable Internet TV in its standard form. As mentioned earlier, the cable content is sent to a web server and is made available online. This method requires no additional hardware to be purchased, although this will requires a mid to fast broadband Internet connection due to the size of the video being streamed.

2. Using a TV Tuner

One is by attaching a coaxial cable to the PC’s TV tuner card and use the monitor to view your favorite cable programs via your PC. This method does not require an Internet connection since the broadcast is sent directly through the coaxial cable. This method is no different than setting up your home TV for cable.

3. ‘Slingbox’

And the last alternative, which is fairly recent invention, is by using a separate device called a ‘Slingbox’. This device is able to broadcast the signal to any video output device, like your PC for instance, once the ‘Slingbox’ is attached to your home TV with the cable connection.

Your home TV will be able to send the signal via the ‘Slingbox’ to your PC. Which will make any show or program that is accessible to your home TV, available to any device that you want the ‘Slingbox’ to connect with.

It is even possible to send the signal to a notebook PC or mobile phone through the World Wide Web, provided that these devices can handle the transmission load and the video being sent.

And depending on the video software installed on your PC, it may also be possible to view multiple channels on your monitor, but again, this requires a more than sufficient broadband connection to handle such a tremendously high load.

Although there maybe some free Cable programs online, if you want premium content then there are available sites that charge a fee to allow access to a selected lists of movies and TV programs.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir

When a book is adapted to a movie and then a television series, you can be sure it is something special. In 1945, Josephine Lesley penned the beautiful novel The Ghost and Mrs Muir. It was about a widow, Lucy Muir, her young children and her maid, who moved to a cottage near to the sea. The idea was to get away from it all (and especially for Lucy to get away from her two overbearing sisters-in-law). Gull Cottage was known locally for being haunted and could not attract any tenants for this reason. Undaunted, Lucy moved in, attracted by the low rent.


Rather than enjoy the peace she craved, she soon discovered that the rumours about a ghost were true. The ghost she encountered was of a sea captain and Lucy was the only person that he would reveal himself to, albeit only in her mind’s eye. Lucy’s children and their maid were unaware of his existence. The captain at first tried to scare Lucy as ghosts are supposed to do, but she refused to be bullied and simply carried on living happily in the house. The captain could not help but respect her for her steadfastness. He gave up trying to haunt her and they began to become close friends. She decided to write his biography using true stories from his own words. Over time they would share many long conversations and intimate moments which leads the story on to a poignant and romantic conclusion.


Soon after the book had been published, Twentieth Century Fox purchased the rights to make a movie from the story. Within two years, Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney starred in The Ghost and Mrs Muir. The movie followed the book in most respects. As always, some of the readers of the original story were a little disappointed in a few of the changes that were made. In the movie, for example, the captain (the ghost) actually appears in person, whereas he is simply a voice in Mrs Muir’s head in the book. Although it was not a runaway box office hit, the movie was well received by all who saw it and by the critics.

Tv Show

Wind on another 21 years to 1968 and Fox Television were actively looking for new ideas for tv shows along the same lines of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. The book and the movie of The Ghost and Mrs Muir had many comedy moments in them and Fox executives, especially Howard Leeds who had written episodes of Bewitched, could see the potential for The Ghost and Mrs Muir, which contained the same fantasy elements of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. Experienced writer Jean Holloway was given the task of kicking off the writing, and soon the show was put together, starring Hope Lange as Mrs Muir (now Carolyn Muir) and Edward Mulhare as the captain.

The long gap between the film of 1947 and the tv show of 1968 meant there were less comparisons made between them. Some of those that did compare them were not always pleased with the outcome, perhaps because this was like comparing apples with pears. The show lasted for two seasons, which was (and maybe still is) about average for a comedy series and was not a bad effort considering the limited storylines that were possible.

After the Show

Both Hope Lange (Mrs Muir) and Edward Mulhare (the captain) continued to co-star in a variety of tv dramas and comedies for many years after as well as the odd film. Hope Lange died in 2003 and Edward Mulhare died in 1997.