Most Popular TV Show DVDs For Sale

One of the great changes in entertainment over the last few years is the amount of TV show DVDs that are available. It used to be that just a few television DVDs would be released, but now it seems that every show is released and is available at a fantastic price.

There are of course many different reasons why television shows on DVD are so popular today. First of all, it’s a great way to catch up on a show that you haven’t watched before, or a season of your favorite show that you missed. It’s also great to bring home your favorite TV series on DVD so that you can enjoy all of the episodes at your convenience, whenever you want. You won’t have to deal with commercials and you won’t have to wait a week in between episodes.

Plus, for the money you spend on a TV series on DVD, you get much more viewing time and total entertainment than most DVDs. You can find a season or two of your favorite show for between $20 and $40 in most cases, which is the cost of just a few movie DVDs for sale.

So what are the most popular TV show DVDs that are available right now? One of the series that has really picked up a huge following is Dexter. The Showtime original series follows Dexter Morgan, police blood splatter analyst and serial killer, juggling the demands of family life, his homicidal hobby and his job. Seasons 1-3 of the show are all available right now.

Another one of the television shows on DVD that is getting a lot of purchases lately is True Blood. This is a suspenseful sci-fi drama, following life in Louisiana as vampires and other creatures are integrating into “normal” society. It’s an addictive show, and you can find both of the first seasons of this TV series on DVD.

The show has been over for a while at this point, but it still owns many of the most popular TV show DVDs for sale. That show is The Shield, which has come to its conclusion over a 7 season lifetime. It’s one of the classic television DVDs, and you can buy a boxed set covering the entire series from start to finish. You’ll never look away from the fast paced action and shocking drama from this fantastic show.

These are just a few of the most popular TV shows on DVD that you may want to consider picking up. As you can see above, there are many reasons why people enjoy buying television DVDs. As a gift for a friend or family member or simply as a present to yourself, you can’t go wrong with TV show DVDs.

CTU:Provo – Proof of how goood 24 is


How far would you go to worship your favorite show? Some fans of 24 have even made a feature-length film about it! CTU:Provo shows the funny things that happen when a real terrorist attack confronts a small-town branch of the Counter-Terrorist Unit. And mind you, even though this flick is done by fans, it has the look, the sounds and the feel of the actual show. Some say that the story is even better because it is more inventive and original than the usual 24 episodes. The cast is also well-known people who did an excellent job on the movie. Worship 24 by clicking this link.

Talk about dedication

Star Kiefer Sutherland will be spending his duties in the cell, (for real) during the holidays to avoid interrupting the shoot for the hit series 24. The actor opted to serve a portion of his jail sentence for a DUI charge to minimize the damage caused by the recent writer?s strike in the United States. Reports state that the lead star of the series had been under some heavy strains recently what with the seemingly series of unfortunate mishaps regarding the show?s production. When the show goes back in shoot, they will be doing so without Joel Surnow, who has announced his resignation because of better project offers.

Dream Team: Bauer and Holmes

Jack Bauer is the man with the plan. Every episode finds him in high-octane action, nail-biting suspense, and gut-wrenching ordeals. He’s infiltrated water-tight security systems, strongholds, and more to catch terrorists by surprise and save the day.

Now, across the North Atlantic Ocean and airing on another channel is a kindred, albeit slightly anti-social, spirit. A member of the Scotland Yard Forensics team is quick to call him a psychopath, but really and truly, he’s a “high-functioning sociopath, do your research”. He’s doted on by his landlady Mrs. Hudson (“not your housekeeper, dear”), and groaned over by his older brother with a propensity for umbrellas, anonymous pick-ups by classy ladies in gorgeous cars, and cake. Most importantly, his doctor-cum-ex-soldier flatmate teams up with him as they solve cases, chase down criminals, and bring truths to light. Ladies and gents, I speak about none other than Sherlock Holmes.

Now imagine this cross-over: what would happen if the great consulting detective were to team up with tough-as-nails Jack Bauer? You’re looking at the possibility of high-octane action coupled with mind-blowing deduction, served with a generous side of snark. Would the sparks fly? Would their chemistry bubble, squeak, or go with a boom? No one can say for sure, but when two strong personalities collide, you can be certain that this will be one for the record books.

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Watch Christian TV Online – All Your Favorite Religious Programs in One Place

Christian TV Online is a beneficial service for the spiritual believers everywhere around the globe carrying its vision of reaching the entire populace with the message of Christ through the internet. Broadcasting not only plain television content but even radio content as well, these sites offer a lot more than what its name may seem to be limited to. Most sites offer a rich history of archives for viewers to browse over and watch to their liking. If one will already be accustomed with these sites, surely he or she will have quality use of it to enhance his or her walk experience with the Lord.

Church masses and divine services can now be witnessed through the internet in Christian TV Online. You can never miss a mass because it is being delivered 24 hours a day the entire week from major key areas worldwide. You can also have a wide variety of any language you prefer for you to watch the church masses, making these sites culture friendly. Live religious events are also covered in this online television. Parades, devotions, apostolic campaigns and ministries can now be witnessed by a fellow believer using the reliability of the internet.

In some sites, they offer more than just watching television; they even render services for prayer requests. You can also be updated with timely news and announcements as to what is happening nearby and around the world. Showcasing anything related to Christian devotion. You can even sign up for a monthly newsletter, and the good news is, it is absolutely free. There is also a so-called gospel music television, wherein you can enjoy songs of praises and the Word of God through wonderful hymns in visually artistic videos. Other sites also conduct bible classes and scripture interpretations that are offered online

24 the movie


The hit TV series 24 is not due until fall next year what with the problems caused by the mass protests of America’s writers to have better wage and compensations. But there’s good news, 24 will be releasing a movie! The movie will be tackling the subtle suspense or the grey areas between season six and seven. Now this is usually reserved for DVD features only but it seems that the big bosses behind 24 thinks they can make real money out of it. The series on the mean time, managed to get the initial episodes in the seventh season before the strike inadvertently stopped their production, they will resume work without co-creator Joel Surnow who left last February.

Episode 11


Image Source: 24 Wiki

Episode 11
10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
12 February 2002

Jack is able to extract Kim and Teri?s location fromKevin Carroll while Cofell suddenly has a heart attack and dies. Nina and Tony discuss their suspicions that there is a possibility of another mole. They both agree that they keep their suspicions to themselves and not tell anything to Alberta Green. Meanwhile, Eli comes to kill Jack?s daughter and his wife as orders from Andre Drazen. Teri is able to wrestle his gun away and she shoots him. She fires a second shot to let everyone think that it was she and Kim who are killed. She and Kim hide Eli’s body.

24 gets LOST

ABC took a very different angle in marketing the series Lost as compared with its decision over 24. The network opted to release the over and done with episodes of the series even if the whole season package is yet to be completed. With 24, they opted to delay its upcoming season all together. This is especially understandable seeing that 24 is a per hour episode which would take a heavy and different turn if it is not played in rapid continuity unlike Lost which is the more traditional series in terms of play back. So to each his own marketing strategy I guess.

Season 7 – Terror from Within

2409With terrorism an ever present threat, our hero Agent Jack Bauer is once again thrust into the complicated mind-game that is counter-terrorism. With the threat this time coming from within the US and possibly even the White House itself, the problems for our unconventional agent compounds himself when he is told he has to face one of his former colleagues turned terrorist. The plot thickens as even the president whose son turns up dead is linked to terror cells within the US as they battle in a race against time to find biological warfare agents smuggled into the country.
From nuclear, biological and people, threats seem to be coming from all angles as agent Jack tries to uphold his patriotism as it is questioned time and time again. Watch our hero in the current season as he does all this to save the American people and even the world from the hands of terror cells who work amidst the most secretive government agencies, taking the battle closer to home and their hearts. See emotions fly as allies turn enemies in the world battle for control with fear as the main weapon.


Last May 2007, the first four seasons of the hit series 24 was repackaged and redistributed to the market. It now has a slim-design-wrap which contains the latest season, which is season 5 of course. Its video quality was drastically improved, the image are crispier, and the audio, much more surreal. The original silver 24 logo was also replaced in favor of the symbol of the seven segment display. It will be made available in the US in May 2008. It will have all the special features like commentaries and uncut versions.