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The phenomenon that is 24 paved way for it to market the other form of communications there is. It extended into the world of mobile devices and of course, the world wide web. Capitalists of course will not be contented with these limited kind of exposure, they maximized profit over the series by venturing in video games, board games, collectible toys as well as MP3 files all at the reach of the mouse clicker. Several behind the scenes book were also issued in support of the series propaganda as well as an upcoming movie.

Greek the TV Show Wall Paper

Greek the TV show wall papers have been favorites among millions of people all through the country, mainly due to its glossy attractiveness and the legacy attached with the Greek TV Shows. The genre of the TV shows spun around comedies in the life styles of students at Cyprus Rhodes University. It is a highly fun filled enjoyable comedic drama serial on ABC telecasting family and humorously shows the Greek life styles.

In the second term of series, the TV show stars Spencer Grammar and Jacob Zachar as sister and brother. Both of these characters are very keen to stand on their shoes and are hard trying to make their own stamp on the Greek collegiate life style and customs. The comedies associated with the routine life and strange encounters with other students and locals make this opera a most popular series.

The ABC family airs this TV show an al Mondays at 9pm. This is the second season which started airing on March 24, 2008 and will be having 16 episodes in this season. The first season aired from July 9, 2007 of 16 episodes ended with very high note with much acclaim from the viewers. The opening theme song “Our Time Now” comes with an ear feasting music sung by Plain White T’s musical guests. Many wall papers have appeared in the market to get the maximum benefits out of the ever grown interest of the viewers in Greek TV Shows.

The Greek the TV Show wall papers is a grand hit among all age groups and are highly attractive and simply majestic. In different varieties depicting all characters with different costumes and colors, the wall papers are really marvelous. You can get these wall papers online at ease. Once if you view the wall paper, you will never forget it for whole the life time. It is so exciting and thrilling.

Episode 9


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Episode 9
8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.
15 January 2002

Still on the day of the California Presidential Primary (between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM)?

Jack Bauer is arrested. The Secret Service questions him and Jack relays the real story on the power-plant incident. However, he is met with skepticism. Jack is forced to escape by freeing himself from the handcuffs that the secret service agents have shackled him with. He then hijacks a car that is driven by a waitress named Lauren. He proceeds to go to a construction. There, he talks to Nina and Tony. Tony and Nina proceed to pressure Jamey with the latter eventually tries committing suicide.

Meanwhile, Sherry calls Maureen. She promises the story of the assassination attempt plus the conspiracy in the government. The only thing Maureen has to do is to postpone the news about Keith.

Teri makes a sacrifice for Kim by allowing one of their captors to sexually abuse her and thereby protecting her daughter. In the process, she steals the man’s phone.

Fox to Air Two More Seasons of Hit TV Series 24

Fox’s hit TV series 24 first aired on November 21, 2006 and has won many Emmy and Golden Globe awards including one for leading actor Kiefer Sutherland after its first ten episodes.

The main character of the series is Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, who is an agent with the US Counter Terrorist Unit. The show is based in Los Angeles and depicts a 24 hour period in the life of Jack Bauer as well as following the actions of other characters in the show.

The shows originality centers on its premise that everything happens in real time. This means that each minute of the show corresponds to a minute in the lives of the characters. As a result the commercial breaks appear during periods in the show when little is happening, i.e. Jack is driving somewhere. To emphasize the point a digital clock is shown on the screen immediately before and after a break.

The time on the digital clock also corresponds with the in-universe time of the show so if a character stipulates that something will happen within an hour it will usually take place before the end of that episode.

Action switches between different locations and characters tracking parallel story plots and as a result there are often sections of unseen narrative for each of the characters. Another method used in the first two seasons was a split screen to show parallel events happening during the same period of time however the use of this technique is now generally only used during telephone conversations or in shots leading up to or out of commercials breaks.

Although each season has its own central theme, or plot line there are also several story lines that relate to prior seasons. So far there have been two of these “crossover” plots, each one continuing over a period of three seasons.

24 has received both positive and negative critical acclaim. Many critics and organizations have objected to the way that the series has dealt with the many sensitive issues surrounding the plotlines and characters. Due to the series nature it often addresses issues of terrorism, the use of torture to gain information, government misuse of authority directly.

The overall number of viewers has steadily increased throughout the shows six seasons, except for a slight fall midway through season 3, increasing its viewership by a massive 60% between seasons 1 and 5.

Fox have announced that Season 7 with commence airing in January 2008 with Kiefer Sutherland signed to continue through to 2009. It has also been revealed that season seven will feature the shows first female President to be played by actress Cherry Jones as well as the return of Mary Lyn Rajskub and James Morrison. Season 7 is also set to be more personal that previous seasons.

Fox have also announced that they have ordered season 8 and with Kiefer Sutherland signed through to 2009 it looks likely that a 9th season will also be aired.

A motion picture based on the show had planned to start filming in 2007 with its release scheduled for 2008 but due to the pressure of filming for the show plans for the picture have consequently been put on hold in order to focus on the TV show.

For the die-hard 24 fan


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The first that is not Hillary

Meet the first lady president in 24 and she is played by no other than Cherry Jones. Typically, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland who will be playing the role of Jack Bauer will once again be battling with terrorism, this time within the Washington. The season is bound to keep viewers glued to their screen seeing that they pretty much have something to relate to in the prospect of having a new lady president what with a very strong woman opting for the position in the US as well. How Cherry Jones will be able to pull off her female leadership skills in the series will give viewers an idea of how a woman will behave in the presidential office. We wonder, will this affect the candidacy of Clinton?

The Best TV Download Sites

You see them all the time; advertisements and spam saying they’re the best TV download site. Let’s take a look at a few of your options for downloading your favorite TV shows. In no particular order, I’ve reviewed some top TV download sites for you. All prices mentioned in this review are United States Dollars (USD) and subject to change without notice.


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Amazon offers their unbox collection of movie and TV downloads Amazon’s prices vary from just under one dollar to about $20 per use. They, too, have a quick and simple registration process, money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Elite TV Downloads

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Fast TV Downloads

Quick and easy registration process, instant access and a bundle of free software. One-time fee or monthly plans available for less than $2.00. No download limit.

As you can see by the four TV download sites I’ve reviewed for you, the best sites to download TV shows will offer a money back guarantee. They will also offer 24/7 technical support. Most will even offer a great one-time fee for unlimited downloads.

Be sure to do your own research to find the best place for you to download TV shows. What works for someone else may not necessarily be the one that works best for your TV download needs.

Download TV Shows vs. Cable or Satellite

The cost comparison is probably one of the biggest reasons people like to download TV shows. Some cable and satellite TV providers offer packages as low as $30 per month. Some of the best sites to download TV shows, episodes or even movies start at under a dollar per episode. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, this could be a great plan for you. Most also offer a lifetime of TV downloads for about the same price as your monthly cable or satellite bill.

When you watch something on cable or satellite, you can record it and watch it as often as you like. When you download TV shows or movies to your home computer, you can burn them to a cd or DVD and watch them for years to come. You also have the freedom to put them on your handheld for portable TV where ever you go.

There you have it: a brief overview of a few of the best sites to download TV shows and a simple, yet effective, cost comparison. This should help you in your quest to find the best download site for your favorite TV shows, episodes, movies and music.

24 season 1


It is California Presidential Primary Day in Los Angeles and the longest day of Federal Agent Jack Bauer’s life is about to begin. Jack has just patched his family back together after a trying separation. Midnight finds Jack playing chess with his teenage daughter Kim. As she goes to bed, Jack gets a call from Nina Myers.

DVD Release

The DVD edition of 24 greatly contributed to the series? success. Southerland divulged that the success of 24 in England is indeed note worthy because it was the biggest series BBC ever played. It was the number one DVD choice there, knocking down the Lord of the Rings out of the top spot, a feat that was never accomplished by any TV series before. 24 admitted that this is because the series was shown uninterrupted by commercials in England. The DVD alone increased the sales of the series by 25%. A limited edition DVD collection was also put out on the market in response to the demand.