Episode 11


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Episode 11
10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M.
12 February 2002

Jack is able to extract Kim and Teriâ?™s location fromKevin Carroll while Cofell suddenly has a heart attack and dies. Nina and Tony discuss their suspicions that there is a possibility of another mole. They both agree that they keep their suspicions to themselves and not tell anything to Alberta Green. Meanwhile, Eli comes to kill Jackâ?™s daughter and his wife as orders from Andre Drazen. Teri is able to wrestle his gun away and she shoots him. She fires a second shot to let everyone think that it was she and Kim who are killed. She and Kim hide Eli’s body.

24 gets LOST

ABC took a very different angle in marketing the series Lost as compared with its decision over 24. The network opted to release the over and done with episodes of the series even if the whole season package is yet to be completed. With 24, they opted to delay its upcoming season all together. This is especially understandable seeing that 24 is a per hour episode which would take a heavy and different turn if it is not played in rapid continuity unlike Lost which is the more traditional series in terms of play back. So to each his own marketing strategy I guess.

Season 7 – Terror from Within

2409With terrorism an ever present threat, our hero Agent Jack Bauer is once again thrust into the complicated mind-game that is counter-terrorism. With the threat this time coming from within the US and possibly even the White House itself, the problems for our unconventional agent compounds himself when he is told he has to face one of his former colleagues turned terrorist. The plot thickens as even the president whose son turns up dead is linked to terror cells within the US as they battle in a race against time to find biological warfare agents smuggled into the country.
From nuclear, biological and people, threats seem to be coming from all angles as agent Jack tries to uphold his patriotism as it is questioned time and time again. Watch our hero in the current season as he does all this to save the American people and even the world from the hands of terror cells who work amidst the most secretive government agencies, taking the battle closer to home and their hearts. See emotions fly as allies turn enemies in the world battle for control with fear as the main weapon.


Last May 2007, the first four seasons of the hit series 24 was repackaged and redistributed to the market. It now has a slim-design-wrap which contains the latest season, which is season 5 of course. Its video quality was drastically improved, the image are crispier, and the audio, much more surreal. The original silver 24 logo was also replaced in favor of the symbol of the seven segment display. It will be made available in the US in May 2008. It will have all the special features like commentaries and uncut versions.

How to Download TV Shows For Free

The Writers Strike isn’t showing any signs of ending, so now is a great time to catch up with some tv series that you may have missed. There’s a lot of tv shows that you can download for free. The trick is finding a great service that has every show that you are looking for.

There’s a variety of options available for downloading media. You can sign up with iTunes and download one episode at a time, paying usually about $1.99 for each download. Occasionally they have some shows that you can get for free and usually it will be the pilot episode of a series so you can check it out and see if it is a series you might be interested in watching. Then you can sign up for a subscription and new episodes will download automatically each time you fire up iTunes. They then can be transferred to your iPod or can just watch them on your computer.

Another alternative is Amazon’s UnBox service which works very similar to iTunes with pretty much the same pricing structure. You can pick and choose episodes to download if you are only looking for one or two shows that you missed. You can also usually download an entire season of a show. Amazon features movie downloads as well and one of the cool options with UnBox is that you can “rent” a movie to download. It sort of works like Pay Per View in that you will have a 24 hour viewing window to watch the movie and then after that it is locked out. Also, you can have Amazon Unbox items transferred to your TiVo and watch them on your tv.

For another option, there is Fast TV Downloads. Instead of paying per episode, you pay a single membership fee and download as many shows as you like. This works out better if there are a lot of shows you want to catch up with, where iTunes and Amazon work best if there’s only a few episodes or shows that you missed. Also, with Fast TV Downloads you can burn the shows to DVD and play them in your normal DVD player. But you won’t be able to transfer them to your TiVo. To transfer them to your iPod, would generally mean you’d need to convert the file to a different format, but it can be done. It just involves a couple of steps.

And finally, if you just don’t want to take the time to download your tv shows, then you can watch them for free online at most of the network tv websites. At this point, nearly all of the broadcast companies run their shows online after they air, but you’ll have to catch them quick because they usually only keep a few episodes online at any one time.

24′s Long Break

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24 is officially taking time off. Fox confirmed what everyone was thinking. And won’t be back for almost one year. Time is of the essence and Jack bauer knows that more anybody does. The seventh season of the show was slotted to begin last January of this year and continually run without a break, unfortunately in November 2007, the writers strike complicated things and forced Fox to further postpone the season’s premiere at an unspecified time. Ultimately, Fox decided not to continue the season and instead re schedule it for January 2009. The crew has shot around 8 episodes for the season. But it was a move by Fox to ensure the famous series runs uninterrupted hopefully by next year.



The phenomenon that is 24 paved way for it to market the other form of communications there is. It extended into the world of mobile devices and of course, the world wide web. Capitalists of course will not be contented with these limited kind of exposure, they maximized profit over the series by venturing in video games, board games, collectible toys as well as MP3 files all at the reach of the mouse clicker. Several behind the scenes book were also issued in support of the series propaganda as well as an upcoming movie.

The prequel’s coming!!

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Season 7 was aired this year January 13, 2008, but it was postponed until next year January. That is why some of the loyal fans are really looking forward for the coming year. Of course, we will all be looking forward for Cherry Bones / Powers Boothe showdown in this season, right? Anyways, Jon Voight and Robert Carlyle will also be there, and obviously Kiefer Sutherland, the one who is playing as Jack Bauer. During the last season, the script and the story are not really satisfying, that is why the hardworking producers and imaginative script writers polished this seasonâ?™s scripts to become more appealing. That is why Season 7 was postponed. Unfortunately, so is Season 8, because season 7 will use the whole year after this onwards. Season 8 will probably be aired on 2010 hopefully. As an additional information to you guys, Fox.com gives the profiles of the characters a few weeks before a season begins. You might want to check it out.

Exclusive Interview – Roger Cross, Former Star of 24

Curtis Manning of CTU was one hell of a patriot, but that ended up being his downfall. Curtis was a loyal member of CTU and a loyal friend of Jack Bauer, but it was his friend Jack Bauer who had to murder him for the greater good earlier in this season. This was an unfortunate blow for 24 fans who had come to love Curtis Manning as a character, and also was a blow to the actor who played Curtis Manning, Roger Cross.

Roger Cross sat down for an exclusive interview with Roger Cross recently, and Mr. Cross seems like an all-around genial fellow. He started his career in life as a commercial pilot, but ended up in Hollywood as a stunt man. Born in Jamaica, Cross spent his first 11 years of life there before emigrating to North America for good with his parents. It became clear to him that his path was going to end up in the acting realm and so he pursued it fully.

He got his role on 24 and, although it was originally slated to only be a 6 episode arc for the Curtis character, the show ended up keeping him for full two seasons and the beginning of this last one. His death had nothing to do with how the show felt about him, but just was meant to give Jack Bauer more torment, as if he needed any more. Roger Cross will continue to act in Hollywood, although he doesn’t know where he’ll end up next. Wherever it is, we’ll be watching.

Back to work


24, the hit thriller-drama series resumed its shoot last January for the seventh season all without a break or stop. This is a testament that they are indeed making up for lost time seeing as how the last November strike has caused major problems for the show. The strike forced Fox Network to delay the season probably until early 2009. Fox has tagged 2008 as a major defeat for the show and they are hopeful that come 2009, things will relatively get better. Meanwhile, eight episodes for the upcoming season was already filmed, this includes action scenes from Washington DC instead of the original Los Angeles plan.