Episode 1

Episode 1
12:00 Midnight -1:00 A.M.

6 November 2001

Agent Jack Bauer works for the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit. He is called in for an assignment – to protect an African-American Senator who is running for the presidential seat. Jack Bauer has counted on having to deal with an assassin but he does not expect to learn that there are traitors in his own agency who are working against him and that it is not only the Senator that is in need of his protection, but his own family as well. Things get complicated with tension from his relationship with Teri, his wife, and his relationship with Nina Myers, a colleague who is also Jack’s former lover.

Episode 9


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Episode 9
8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.
15 January 2002

Still on the day of the California Presidential Primary (between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM)?

Jack Bauer is arrested. The Secret Service questions him and Jack relays the real story on the power-plant incident. However, he is met with skepticism. Jack is forced to escape by freeing himself from the handcuffs that the secret service agents have shackled him with. He then hijacks a car that is driven by a waitress named Lauren. He proceeds to go to a construction. There, he talks to Nina and Tony. Tony and Nina proceed to pressure Jamey with the latter eventually tries committing suicide.

Meanwhile, Sherry calls Maureen. She promises the story of the assassination attempt plus the conspiracy in the government. The only thing Maureen has to do is to postpone the news about Keith.

Teri makes a sacrifice for Kim by allowing one of their captors to sexually abuse her and thereby protecting her daughter. In the process, she steals the man’s phone.


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Memories of 24


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Episode 13


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Episode 13
12:00 Noon – 1:00 P.M.
26 February 2002

Jack Bauer has a final confrontation with Ira Gaines. Gaines and Kevin Carroll are shocked when the red van is suddenly up in flames. In fury, Gaines stands up and grabs his sniper rife while Jack and Rick run to escape. Meanwhile, David Palmer plans to talk to the Defense Attorney about the murder of Dr. George Ferragamo. Carl Webb then changes his mind before he could do so. Back at the CTU, Nina Myers is surprised to discover that there is another assassin who has arrived in LA to put David Palmer out of the picture forever.

Are you a 24 addict?


A great site for 24 addicts is www.tv.com. This site has a portion dealing specifically with 24: there’s a summary of the whole show, the list of each individual episodes, and a description of the members of the cast. There is also a segment where you could know about the news in 24. You could also watch videos and browse through photos or download some other cool stuff. You could also order DVDs so you could watch the episodes over and over again. You could read reviews of the summary of the show and the individual shows and episodes. Want more? visit the forum. If you get full of 24, you could try out similar shows for a while and return when the craving sets in again.


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Reality or Paranoia – the fight against Terror

Many say that the threat of terrorism has long passed, others say the threats are still there. The news and other branches of media say the threat is still there and government agencies say we can never be too careful. The paranoia that fuels the debate continues to haunt us of that day in 2001 when the war on terror took on a new light.

Is the threat real? It sure is but how much you may want it to have an influence on your life is up to you.

Jack Bauer, our lone hero in the series continues to amaze us with his abilities to fight insurmountable odds (though reality can be so much less exciting). Maybe its part of the human psyche to be afraid and to survive, and the series fills in part of that need without the danger. Maybe it’s all inside us, a part of Agent Bauer that tells him to forge on. The last series (Series 8) aired last 2010. Keep on checking back for summaries and opinion on one of the most followed TV series in the US and maybe the world.

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